Sailing on cruisers in Herceg Novi and their magic

yacht and blue

Sailing on cruisers

The orientation towards the sea, rowing in the Bay of Kotor has a centuries-long tradition of famous Boka War and merchant sailing ships that sailed all the seas guided by the famous captains.

Drawing on a long tradition of sailing in Herceg Novi in 1948 founded the shipping company “Jugole Grakalić”.

Then he started to climb the big races in Herceg Novi, which lasts to this day.

The club has 40 athletes in all classes. In this year, we participated in 65 races in the country and abroad.

We participated in all sports classes that exist in the CJS, the optimist in general, girls optimist, optimist to 12 yr., L4,7, LAR, LAS, windsurf, cruiser.

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