Scuba Dive


For the guests who want to scuba dive, different conditions apply, which have an effect on the price of our diving services. Check the list below:

1. The divers who have certificates for diving in the open water, have to show them to the company who provides the scuba diving services. Certificates are related to the deepness of the water where they can dive. The price is 70Eur/40minutes.

2. The divers who do not have certificates, and who dive for the first time, can dive to certain deepness in the open water (up to 10-12 meters) with the presence of the instructor. There is a short training before, where they learn the basic rules how to use the equipment and the control while the diver is in the water. The price is 60Eur/40minutes.

In both, the divers equipment is provided (professional diving suits, fins, masks, oxygen tanks, gloves), boat to get to the open water destination and the instructors.The most attractive and the most egzotic destinations for the divers are Mamula Island and Zanjice Island.

For all the information and the diving schedule ask at our reception, where you can get everything in detail.